05 January 2012

Letter to the Breast Feeding Gods

Dear Breast Feeding Gods,

I'm pretty disappointed in you.

For six weeks and five days all my baby has had is breast milk. Every. Single. Feeding.
My six week five day old baby has the sniffles. What the heck? Where is the breast milk magic? 

My period started back up too. What the heck? Where is the breast feeding  magic? Seriously at 6 weeks? What did I do to deserve that?

Please step up your game,


  1. That sucks. Especially the period part. I got mine when I really cut down, so not until like 9 months later. I was lucky. I know others who got it after like a month. The least your body could do is give you a break from that!

  2. I am super disappointed. My fingers are crossed that at least I'll be highly irregular, and skip months.

  3. Could totally be that Gwen is just slowing down for a bit. I had that happen with Pete but when he picked back up again bye bye to the . :)

  4. Time to be careful or you may end up in my situation:)