02 January 2014

Project 365 - Last Few Days

I'm done. I did it. The sense of accomplishment feels similar to how I felt after I nursed Frances for a year. No one outside of a photography circle would understand it. It was quite the year! If you want to see the flickr set all in one place go here. I'm planning on making a photobook of the all of the photos. I LOVE looking back through the year. 

I still am not 100% sure what my project365 is going to look like in 2014, but I know I want it to be more relaxed. More iPhone photos when things are crazy. I'm afraid if I relax the rules too much, I won't complete it, but we'll see. 
day 361 

day 362 
woke up grumpy

day 363 
selfies at a very young age

day 364! 
those eyes

day 365
I thought this was fitting for the last day